Studebaker Field Gun

Model 1906

12804 S. Highland Ave. Blue Island, IL

U.S. 4.7 inch Studebaker Field Gun, Model 1907

The 4.7 was built by the Northwestern Ordinance Co. and was the only U.S. made field piece to be used during WWI. The Blue Island Park District acquired this 4.7 from the U.S. Arsenal at Rock Island, IL in June 1937.

Restored in 2004

The Studebaker’s wheels made a trip to Letcher, South Dakota where they are currently being reconditioned by one of the few workshops in the country to specialize in historic preservations and reconstructions of this kind.


While in Letcher, each wheel will receive meticulous care, replacement spokes and fellows (the outer rim of a wheel, to which the spokes attach), and will be conditioned to withstand the harshest of climates for years to come.

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