Saturday Swim Lessons

Memorial Park Pool

June 15th through August 3rd

Saturday Swim Lessons

Saturday Morning Swim lessons are perfect for parents with busy weekday schedules.

Available in Swim Levels

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Preschool Lessons

Designed for:
All swimmers 4 years or older (under 4 for Preschool Lessons)
Held on:
Available Time Slots:
10:55 am to 11:25 am
11:30 am to 12:00 pm
Memorial Park Pool
12804 S. Highland Ave.
Blue Island, IL. 60406
Session Fee:
Resident $49
Non-Resident $59

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Know Your Levels

Preschool Aquatics
Preschool Aquatics focuses on introducing preschool-age students to a water environment while teaching basic safety lessons.


Level 1 / Jellyfish
Participants will begin developing positive attitudes, effective swimming habits, and safe practices in and around water.


Level 2 / Seahorse
Participants will learn true locomotion skills and get learn the foundation for future strokes.


Level 3 / Goldfish
Participants will learn some of the basic skills required for competency in the water.


Level 4 / Flying Fish – Not Available in Saturday Lessons
Participants will increase their endurance and learn new strokes.


Level 5 / Seals – Not Available in Saturday Lessons
Participants refine their performance of all the six strokes taught in previous levels, and increase the distances they can swim.


Level 6 / Dolphins – Not Available in Saturday Lessons
As the final level of swim lessons, participants will be motivated to set their own goals for each individual class.

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