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Splash for Cash Logo 2015

July 23, 2016

Memorial Park Pool


Sunken treasures aren’t just for oceans anymore, at least that’s what we think! Get your goggles ready for the once a year sunken treasure event held in our pool. Splash for Cash is a mad dash to find as many sunken tokens scattered in Memorial Park Pool. Tokens may be redeemed immediately after. As a bonus, participants get access to the pool for the remainder of the evening! Proper swimwear is required to participate. Admission is paid at the door.


Max:                         175 participants
Ages:                         All ages welcome
Day:                          Saturday, July 23rd
Location:                 Memorial Park Pool
Check in Time:       5:00pm
Fee:                          Free for pool pass holders   | Non-members $5 at the door

Code                    Date                        Event  Time
N/A                    July 23rd                           5:15pm

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