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July 23, 2016

Memorial Park Pool


Sunken treasures aren’t just for oceans anymore, at least that’s what we think! Get your goggles ready for the once a year sunken treasure event held in our pool. Splash for Cash is a mad dash to find as many sunken tokens scattered in Memorial Park Pool. Tokens may be redeemed immediately after. As a bonus, participants get access to the pool for the remainder of the evening! Proper swimwear is required to participate. Admission is paid at the door.


Max:                         175 participants
Ages:                         All ages welcome
Day:                          Saturday, July 23rd
Location:                 Memorial Park Pool
Check in Time:       5:00pm
Fee:                          Free for pool pass holders   | Non-members $5 at the door

Code                    Date                        Event  Time
N/A                    July 23rd                           5:15pm

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