Blue Island Parks | Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt
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March 23rd, 2018

Memorial Park


We’ve turned up the competition by turning off the lights. The eggs in this Easter egg hunt are unlike any you’ve ever seen before…because you won’t see them at all… unless you bring a flashlight. Let the glow of your trusty flashlight be the guide while you search Memorial Park’s field for your share of thousands of Plastic Easter Egg Hunts. This delightful event provides contestants with a little extra challenge by demanding all lights in the park be shut off during the hunt. Participants will be divided into two age groups. Hunt groups will have designated hunting areas. 

Participant must provide their own basket and flashlight.


Designed for: children 4-11 years old (2 groups)
Day: Friday, March 23rd, 2018
Check-in Location: Memorial Park Pavilion, 12804 S. Highland Ave. Blue Island, IL. 60406
Check in Time: 7:45 pm
Event Time: 8:15 pm with complete darkness.
Fee: $5 pre-registration. ($8 at the door). Pre-registration ends March 22nd.


Can’t get enough Easter Egg action? Visit our traditional Easter Egg Hunt page for more Easter activities for children up to8 years of age.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

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