Flashlight Halloween Egg Hunt

October 23, 2020

Maybe it’s just the autumn leaves burning, but we’d like to think that smell is good ol’ fashion energy burning, courtesy of Blue Island Park District’s action-packed Flashlight Halloween Hunt, where Blue Island’s bravest will search Memorial Park for hidden Halloween goodies. Costumes are not required, but highly encouraged! Flashlights and goodie bag mandatory. Flashlight Halloween Egg Hunt is a Rain or shine event. Dress for the weather.

How It Works

The Blue Island Park District’s Flashlight Halloween Egg Hunt is a fast-paced night-time egg hunt held in a secure and safe environment. Like any other holiday-themed egg hunt, participants will race against time and other participants in pursuit of their share of thousands of plastic eggs. Unlike most egg hunts, participants will hunt under the cover of darkness using a flashlight (not provided) to light the way.

Registration Details

Designed for
Children 4 to 9 years of age (Split into two groups)

Held on
Friday, October 23, 2020
7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Memorial Park
12804 Highland Ave. Blue Island, IL.

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After the Hunt!

Blue Island Park District_Halloween Hunt_Egg Exchange

After the hunt, guests may visit the Egg Exchange Store to trade their loot of plastic eggs their choice of treats, trinkets, and toys. This means, the more eggs you find, the more options in prizes you’ll have. The Egg Exchange Store is a great way to conserve resources, provides options, and gives a crash course in monetary exchange.


Event coordinators strive to ensure ALL participants leave with a satisfying experience. This includes randomized and late disbursements of eggs when needed and variable Egg Exchange Store rates.

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